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I consider myself a Feminist & I wanna know what  means to you. RECord your thoughts & opinions on camera for our TV show, HITRECORD ON TV.



accidentally stuttering while saying your snarky comeback



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This is my history teacher. He told me if I got him famous that he would pass me in this class for the whole year. This class is hard And he likes Spongebob So like Help a person out


This is my history teacher. He told me if I got him famous that he would pass me in this class for the whole year.
This class is hard
And he likes Spongebob
So like
Help a person out

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other teenagers: i lost my virginity at a party

me: i lost a follower when i was sleeping

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"all gays will go to hell"

oh noooo…. what will i do… surrounded with ……. nothing ……. but other homosexuals……….. u win this round……… god


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[the next time hepoints out the hair on your legs isgrowing back remind that boy your body is not his homehe is a guestwarn him tonever outstephis welcomeagain
- rupi kaur]


[the next time he
points out the 
hair on your legs is
growing back remind 
that boy your body 
is not his home
he is a guest
warn him to
never outstep
his welcome

- rupi kaur]

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Yvette Nicole Brown Responds to the NY Times’s portrayal of Shonda Rhimes as an “Angry Black Woman”


Alessandra Stanley, the writer of that article. Surprised? Nope.

Can we fuckingg stop white women from talking about black women in their shitty articles. I swear the pathological white-centredness of feminists it getting boring as fuck. That constant need to simplify the complex, artistic and sophisticated minds of black women to a singular racist trope is demeaning. White sociopathy is what it is, white women have to be the only ones who are successful, they are so threatened by us that they feel the need to put us down and in getting ducking sick of it. They’re so used to being celebrated for mediocrity that when women like Viola Davis and Shonda Rhimes are changing the game and people are realising that whiteness celebrates mediocrity they must bring us down. Ugh I’m so annoyed.

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Would you help a woman?

I am so glad I’m a Spanish student because this is really excellent to show the passive ignorance of domestic violence in our culture

You don’t even need to speak Spanish to understand how horrendous this is.

This is crazy, what’s wrong with people, seriously.

Put of 40 people, only one person stopped to help her.

That’s just horrible.

Guys I don’t speak Spanish and I know what’s going on here. This is so sad. This is just horrible! HOW DO PEOPLE NOT STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER!!!!

esto es repugnante, y muy decepcionante.

This is an amazing video. I didn’t even have to speak spanish to understand what’s going on there. Everyone should be better to help each other! 

this is absolutely horrific. 19 people failed to help this woman but 1 man stood up for her. It’s scary how people can’t help a troubled woman.

esto me da mucho miedo porque so muy pequeña y no pudria acer mucho si alguen me coje asi. y mas que si nadie me ayuda, me pueden hacer mucho daño :(

The guy explained they tried the experiment in the opposite way, with the guy being abused. No one helped, and some laughed that he was being abused by a woman.

I recently saw one of these social experiments videos, but the one I watched was in India. One of the people that tried to save the girl was a 73 old retired watchman/guard. People need to know what is happening in the world and the media needs to make these sort of issues more prominent.

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This is my favorite thing ever. 

What a cool dude. :]

"I’m tired of talking about feminism to men.

I’m tired of explaining to men that the feminist movement will, in fact, benefit them as well as women. I’m tired of trying to hawk gender equality like I’m some kind of car salesman showing off a shiny new sedan, explaining all of its bells and whistles. I’m tired of smiling through a thousand thoughtless microaggressions, tired of providing countless pieces of evidence, tired of being questioned on every. Single. Damn. Thing.I’m tired of proving that microaggressions exist, tired of proving that I’m unfairly questioned and asked for proof. For a movement that’s centered around the advancement and empowerment of women, why do I feel like I’m supposed to spend so damn much of my time carefully considering how what I say and do will be taken by men?

I’m tired of men who insert themselves into feminist spaces with claims of hurt feelings. I’m tired of men who somehow manage to make every issue about them. I’m tired of men like the one who recently stopped by a friend’s Facebook thread in order to call feminism “c*nty”, then lecture the women involved for being too “hostile” in their responses to him. I’m tired of men telling me that my understanding of feminism and rape culture are wrong, as if these aren’t things that I have studied intensely. I’m tired of men who claim to be feminist allies, then abuse that position to their own advantage. I’m so fucking exhausted by the fact that I know that I will have to, at some point in this piece, mention that I understand that not all men are like that. I will have to note that some men are good allies. And all of those things are true! And all of you good allies get cookies! But honestly,I’m tired of handing out cookies to people just because they’re decent fucking human beings.

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